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Sample Breathing Exercise

I would like to offer a tool that is scientifically proven to calm and relax you across situations. It is free, portable, dependable, and if you can remember to use it, it will invariably reduce anxiety and increase feelings of calm.

This is a breathing technique that when practiced regularly allows you to be in control of you own body and mind keeping yourself in touch, in tune, and calm, starting you on the road to living LIFE WELL.

Please read all the way through before attempting a practice round to ensure you do not disqualify for training.

Make sure you are in a seated or lying down position.

  1. First, bring your attention to your breathing. Consciously and with great purpose exhale in a controlled fashion through loosely pursed lips until you can not exhale anything more and your belly is tight.
  2. Next inhale through your nose for a count of five seconds, filling your belly.
  3. Pause slightly for no more than half of a second do not hold your breath, exhale through slightly pursed lips for a count of five seconds.

If you are timing it properly (you can count in your head or on your hands, use a phone timer, or go to a clock with a second hand) you will have 6 complete rounds per minute.

Note: Do not use this method if you suffer with Low Blood Pressure or from Blood/Injection Type Specific Phobia. Do not exceed 15 rounds of breath unsupervised. If you experience any feelings of light headedness resume your normal breathing pattern.

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This breathing exercise outlines the very basic concept of biofeedback, a technique that I use to help treat depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and many other conditions. If you would like to learn more about deep breathing, biofeedback, or would simply like to share your comments about the exercise, please contact me or call (914) 468-0816







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